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This website contains 50 years of my personal collecting. To spare my children the burden of "cleaning house" I'm proactively downsizing, now. My hope is that you'll find something you've been secretly searching for. 

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How this site is organized.

I've tried my best to organize items into categories that make the most logical sense to me. You may find things in odd places. There could be things hidden; you're looking for. If you have question please contact me using the "Contact Me" at the top. I check my messages several times per day. Thank you for visiting.

They laugh at me...

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Antiques Collection

  • Vintage Dental X-Ray Film Tin
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  • Vintage Original Pound Puppies Stuffed Plush Toy
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  • Vintage Green Vaseline Depression Glass Juicer ~ Rare
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  • Vintage Wooden Dice Game " LUCK "
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